Majority of Scots welcome the Holy Father’s arrival


OPPOSITION to next month’s Papal Visit to Scotland is far less than media speculation has suggested, according to a new poll.

The survey, carried out by Opinion Research Business and surveying over
1000 adults across Scotland, finds that only two per cent of Scots say they ‘strongly 
object’ to the visit whilst another three per cent say they ‘object’.

Commenting on the findings, Cardinal Keith Patrick O’Brien said:
 “I am greatly heartened by the results of this poll as it again confirms
that the vast majority of Scots are warm hearted and welcoming of all 

The poll also shows that 70 per cent of Scots consider themselves Christian, up on the last census of 2001, and that nearly half of all Scots said they go to church at least once a month.

While the National Secular Society has organised a march through London to protest against the Papal visit, there are no plans for an event of this kind here.

“It’s now clear to everybody that this tiny minority of secularists speak for nobody but themselves,” Peter Kearney, director of the Scottish Catholic Media Office, said. “Most Scots will be delighted to hear that they’ve given up their attempt to spoil what promises to be a very exciting day for all Scots.”


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