Breaking news: Slum dwellers mark centenary of Mother Teresa’s birth; Prince Philip to meet Pope at airport; Scotsman probe case of Fr Bartholomew Burns

Hundreds of Catholic nuns and slum dwellers in the Indian city of Calcutta have marked the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mother Teresa.

Pope Benedict XVI describes Mother Teresa as an ‘exemplary model of Christian virtue’

Prince Philip to greet Holy Father on arrival at Edinburgh airport

Thousands of Scottish Catholic pupils and teachers will get a half-day off to celebrate the Pope’s Scots visit.

Pope Congratulates Prime Minister David Cameron on birth of fourth child Florence

London bus adverts with a ‘Ordain women,’  message timed for Pope’s visit

The Daily Mail reports that the reputation of former Tory Home Secretary Willie Whitelaw is ruined by the story that he conspired with the Catholic Church to cover up the involvement of an Irish priest, Fr James Chesney, in the 1972 Claudy bomb blast which killed nine people, including an eight-year-old girl.

The revelation this week that a Catholic priest in Northern Ireland, Fr James Chesney, got away with the murder of nine people as the architect behind the bombing in Claudy in 1972, finds an echo in the case of Fr Bartholomew Burns in Scotland, according to the Scotsman.

Informed sources say that the Pope decided last May not to accept the resignations of Dublin auxiliary bishops Eamonn Walsh and Raymond Field, which were offered on Christmas Eve.

Pope Benedict XVI yesterday appealed to the international community to work to protect human life and rights in Somalia after some 65 civilians were killed in the latest wave of violence.

Catholic social workers in Hong Kong have set up telephone hotlines to offer trauma counselling for residents who felt disturbed over Monday’s deadly hostage crisis in Manila.

Catholic council encourages boycott over same-sex ‘marriages’ in Mexico


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