Susan Boyle: Singing for the Pope is ‘greatest dream come true’

TODAY’S announcement that internationally renowned Scottish singer Susan Boyle will play a key role in the Papal visit celebrations at Bellahouston Park tops an exciting week for Scottish Catholics eagerly awaiting the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI.

Excitement increased among parishioners on Monday when the Church unveiled details of the altar, chair and lectern that will be used by the Holy Father when he celebrates Mass in Glasgow on September 16. The marble structures have been designed by Glasgow artist Niamh Quail with assistance from Strathclyde University.

This was followed by the announcement that Britain’s Got Talent finalist Susan Boyle, from Blackburn in the Lothians, will perform three times at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow on September 16 as well as singing with the 800 strong choir at the open air Mass which will be celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI during his visit to Scotland.

Ms Boyle, a member of the Legion of Mary, has described the opportunity to sing for the Pope as ‘her greatest dream come true.’ Speaking in a television interview recorded by the Scottish Catholic Media Office, the global singing sensation spoke of being ‘honoured and humbled’ by the invitation.

For full interview with Ms Boyle, including what her performance for the Pope would have meant to her late mother,  see this Friday’s Scottish Catholic Observer.


One Response to “Susan Boyle: Singing for the Pope is ‘greatest dream come true’”

  1. Theda Pitfield Says:

    She is absolutely fantastic but I still don’t comprehend why every person doubted her how do you know if a person knows how to sing by how they look. The only way I was surprised was because her voice was way too beautiful? to put in words. And it kind of made me mad on how everyone was judging her because they weren’t the very best looking men and women inside the world. I adore Susan Boyle and I most definitely really like the way she stood her ground when every person gave her mean looks. My role model! Cuz I cant do that!

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