No place for pessimism ahead of Papal visit

Amid reports this week in the secular press, acting as an unofficial ‘exit pollsters’ ahead of the Papal visit, you would almost be forgiven for thinking they were hopeful for ‘failure’ before Pope Benedict XVI has even set foot in Britain.

Attempts to raise money to meet the costs of the four-day visit have fallen short, according to the Herald newspaper.

Speculation is rife about costs, uptake of places at Papal events and so on.

Speaking to the Scotsman, a spokesman for the Catholic Church in Scotland said it was too early to say how ‘popular’ the Mass at Bellahouston park on Sept 16 would be.

“There are more than 500 parishes in Scotland and only 20 per cent have come back to us so far with their figures,” he said.

The bigger question remains: When did the Papal visit become a popularity contest?

As we become bogged down with the practical details—whether the Papal visit organisation is to our taste and caters exactly to our preferences—we are in danger of overlooking the spiritual: what a wonderful opportunity the arrival of Pope Benedict XVI presents us with.

In 30 or 40 years, looking back on September 16 2010, do we want to have any regrets about missing that opportunity?

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