Beware Greens bearing gifts.

Sydney’s Cardinal Pell is not a man to mince his words. The outspoken Australian Prelate is under fire down under for a recent newspaper article in which he thoroughly denounced his local Green party.

“One wing of the Greens are like water melons, green outside and red inside. A number were Stalinists, supporting Soviet oppression,” the Cardinal wrote. “Naturally the Greens are hostile to the notion of the family, man, woman and children, which they see as only one among a set of alternatives. They would allow marriage regardless of sexuality or gender identity. For those who value our present way of life, the Greens are sweet camouflaged poison.”

Strong stuff and many may find it difficult to reconcile the Cardinal’s description of the Greens as vicious oppressors bent on rewiring the human animal with the well meaning and idealistic sorts who seems to make up most of the Green movement.

Certainly there is much to commend among environmental principles. The notion of the conservation the planet, and protecting beautiful natural habitats is one that will ring true with many Catholics. We are merely stewards of God’s creation after all and it would a poor steward to allowed his woods to all be chopped down and his lakes to become all polluted.

That said there are very worrying elements within the green movement which Cardinal Pell is right to be wary of. One increasingly persuasive theme is that humans as a species are what are wrong with the planet. These ideas are what lie behind some environmentalist’s calls for people to stop having children. Such drives to species wide suicide verge on monstrous and remind us why Cardinal Pell is wise to warn us off the Greens.


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