Cardinal fights for compassion

Cardinal O’Brien’s comments on the fate of the Lockerbie bomber have provoked quite a reaction.

Frank Duggan, a spokesman for the Victims of Pan Am 103 group, did not hold back.

“I’m a Catholic and we know that the Catholic Church has long opposed the death penalty,” he said. “But I think the bishop here should stick to his knitting, and render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s.”

Now there is no question that the Lockerbie bombing was a terrible event and the suffering of the relatives of those killed hard to comprehend. However at the hard of the Cardinal’s message was a simple truth.

“It is in these moments of grief and despair that we must show the world that the standards of the murderer and his disdain for human life are not our standards. They may plunge to the depths of human conduct but we will not follow them.”

As the Cardinal says, to be truly civilized compassion not vengeance must be our watchword. He should be thanked for reminding us of that.


2 Responses to “Cardinal fights for compassion”

  1. catholicteuchtar Says:

    did you just forget to report the main story?

  2. catholicteuchtar Says:

    aw ok. sorry. missed it in my hurry. 🙂

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