The Pope who would be librarian

The revelation that Pope Benedict wished to devote his life to the study of the Vatican archives is a fascinating one. According to a recent interview with  Cardinal Raffaele Farina, the current guardian of the Vatican Library, thirteen years ago then Cardinal Ratzinger asked if he might join his team.

If Pope John Paull II had allowed him to join the library, how different the Church’s recent  history might have been. Different but likely worse. In an age of grasping politicians, always seeking to extend their power, it is humbling to see one man keen to lay aside the burdens of high office.

The primary qualification for filling the seat of Peter, it is said, is not wanting the job. Too much of an eye for temporal power is not a fitting trait for someone leads Christ’s Church on earth. This news confirms such a charge could not be laid at Pope Benedict’s door.

It also speaks to his undisputed love of learning. It is sometimes forgotten that he is a great scholar. We would be wise to listen closely to his words when he comes to these shores.


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