Never mind Lady Gaga duet, Susan Boyle would like to sing for the Holy Father

Susan Boyle Pic: CNS

REPORTS this week that Susan Boyle may duet with controversial pop shock star Lady Gaga pale into insignificance in light of a more pressing engagement for the Catholic Scot—the possibility of performing during the Papal Visit to Scotland.

Ms Boyle is reported to be hoping to fulfil a more spiritual ambition—to sing for Pope Benedict XVI, who arrives in Scotland on September 16, perhaps as part of the Papal Mass at Bellahouston Park.

“The Pope is a very special person and singing for him within the Mass, it’s not just for him, it’s for everybody,”
 the Lothians lady said.

Earlier in the year a Church spokesman said discussions were underway to secure Ms Boyle, who would be a ‘great asset’ to Papal visit celebration plans.

A few weeks ago the further Church announcement was made that: “Negotiations are still under way but we expect Susan Boyle to perform as part of the Papal Mass at Bellahouston Park.”

On the Lady Gaga front, Irish Central reported that the American singer has asked Ms Boyle to sing a duet with her on her forthcoming single.

When previously asked for her opinion on Gaga, Ms Boyle said: “I think Lady Gaga is a wonderful artist and completely original and I like her costumes. Love it! Yes, I’d love to do a duet with her, complete with telephone hat too.”

Earlier this month Ms Boyle launched a YouTube talent search for a duet partner. The winner will sing with her on her new album.

“Last year my dream of becoming a recording artist came true after auditioning on Britain’s Got Talent,” she said. “Since then, I’ve had an absolutely fantastic time. It’s been a real gift to me and now I would like to pass on the gift to someone else.”


One Response to “Never mind Lady Gaga duet, Susan Boyle would like to sing for the Holy Father”

  1. KathyM Says:

    I see no reason that she can’t do both.
    You can be very religious but still enjoy entertainment.
    Lady Gaga might behave outrageously on the stage, but if you ever listen to her speak, she’s a pretty good person.

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