Latest news and analysis: Euthanasia call goes to High Court; Scots soldier laid to rest; Miracle at Knock? Big Society and charities

Paralysed man asks High Court for right to be killed but dangers of request are great.

Scots bomb disposal hero Corporal Jamie Kirkpatrick, 32, who saved hundreds of lives, was laid to rest today All Saints Parish Church in Llanelli, Wales, after being killed in Afghanistan. A bedtime story lovingly recorded the soldier for his daughter was played at his funeral yesterday.

Can the Pope bring God back to Europe, asks Nick Spencer

‘Big society’ relies on the charity sector, but how will it deliver?

Cuba dissidents told Spain exile arranged by Catholic Church muddles US asylum.

Miracle at Knock claim sent to Vatican, woman with MS says she was cured.

Miraculous cancer cure in St Louis, US, could lead to canonisation of Blessed William Chaminade Marianist founder.

Fr Patrick Peyton, a Baltimore priest whose popular radio and television programs promoted family prayer, is a step closer to sainthood.

Church indicts Goa government for shielding drug traders.

Abuse victims set to meet Northern Ireland leaders.

American priest removed from priesthood for abuse.

Cardiff councillor’s Scientology tweet goes to watchdog.

Vienna archdiocese has ruled a confessional cannot be turned into a sauna after ‘Satanic’ bid.’satanic’_bid


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