You can practise for Bellahouston here

ST ANDREWS and Edinburgh Archdiocese have been quick to answer the call yesterday by Bishop Joseph Toal to encourage choirs and congregations to prepare and practise for the Papal Mass at Bellahouston Park on September 16.

Bishop Toal, president of the Liturgy Commission of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland, said that the liturgy for Bellahouston includes James MacMillan’s specially commissioned setting of the new translation of the Roman Missal plus other new items and Scottish hymns, old and new.

The Liturgy Commission of the Archdiocese has posted help for singers with private practise at home for the September 16 Mass at Bellahouston Park on its music website, Forth in Praise.

The link labelled Singing the Mass deals with the congregation’s part of the Mass and contains the audio files, created by Evelyn Stell, convener of the Music Advisory Group, together with the words of the new text.

“This means members of the congregation at Bellahouston can listen to the music at home and try to fit it to the words,” Ms Stell said. “It isn’t a perfect way of practising, but it will supplement parish practices, and hopefully make people familiar with the music more quickly.”

Choir parts can also be found on the website.

Links to all files can be found at


2 Responses to “You can practise for Bellahouston here”

  1. Mike Says:

    “Practice” as in “You can practice” is a verb and should therefore be spelt “practise”. Please don’t confuse proper English and American “English”!

  2. scobserver Says:

    Glad we have you out there Mike.

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