Latest headlines: Tensions in Pakistan; handguns in US Churches; Pope and Latin Mass; Papal Blues in bad taste?

Pakistan city tense after ‘blaspheming’ Christians shot

Concealed handguns will not be allowed in Catholic churches in Louisiana in the US, despite a new state law allowing them

Benedict XVI seventh-oldest Pope in history

Does Pope Benedict Celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass?

Scottish satirist Armando Iannucci, this week named at number 60 on MediaGuardian’s Top 100 most powerful and influential people in media list, has just released a charity single with Tommy Mackay, a musical comedian who performs under the name The Sensational Alex Salmond Band. The bad news? The B side is called Papal Blues. You can imagine the subject matter, if you can’t imagine look for the lyrics online. And the question has already been raised: cashing on Papal visit or making an offensive point?,_pop_star?#ixzz0uEtiZNeY

Catholic AIDS expert: Study lends credibility to faith leaders’ work

Boston College theologian’s book wins 
first place award from Catholic Press Association


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