New music and favourite hymns make up Bellahouston Papal Mass

SCOTLAND is famed for its hospitality. As fine details surrounding Pope Benedict XVI’s arrival and itinerary evolve, one fact is undisputed. The Holy Father is in for quite a welcome in Scotland on September 16.

The Vatican has now approved the liturgy for  the Papal Mass at Bellahouston Park and there are a few surprises in addition to James MacMillan’s special composition and hymns that Scottish Catholics traditionally know and love.

Bishop Joseph Toal, president of the Liturgy Commission of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland, told the Scottish Catholic Observer today that he is actively encouraging  ‘the Catholics of Scotland to involve themselves in the activity of preparing for the Papal Mass so that the Holy Father’s visit to our nation may be a source of grace for us all.’

Practice makes perfect and rehearsal seems to be the way forward so that everyone is in fine voice—and singing from the same hymn sheet in every sense of the word—on what on what promises to be both a memorable and historic occasion.

For more details on the Bellahouston Mass, see the Scottish Catholic Observer out on July 23.


One Response to “New music and favourite hymns make up Bellahouston Papal Mass”

  1. berenike Says:

    “there are a few surprises”

    Robert Carver, or a juggler?


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