Latest headlines: Controversial Scottish cemetery plans; Venezuela reviews Vatican ties; Vatican Radio in radiation claim, Dunfermline not happy Pope isn’t coming

The Church of Scotland has backed controversial Scottish Government plans to ‘lift and deepen’ burial sites, effectively double-decking the dead. The Catholic Church in Scotland did not respond to the consultation.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has infuriated bishops by ordered a review of diplomatic ties with the Vatican and declaring that the pope is ‘no ambassador of Christ on earth.’

Vatican Radio has dismissed press reports about new medical research commissioned by an Italian judge,  alleging that electromagnetic radiation from the station’s broadcasting towers is leading to an increased risk of cancer.

Complaints against the Police Service of Northern Ireland up by 14 per cent. Of the complainants, 47 per cent said they were Protestant, 34 per cent said Catholic.

Pope’s astronomer: ‘Science helps me be a priest’

The firing of an adjunct teaching Catholic Natural Law against homosexuality has prompted questions about Church-funded courses at universities‘natural_law’/

For a slice of Scottish Catholic regional history: The Roman Catholic History of Largs

And finally, one Dunfermline councilor has taken the news that the Pope cannot visit while in Scotland very hard, so hard that he has called Edinburgh and Glasgow ‘boring’ in his response.


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