Scots pilgrims go to Papal Mass for free

THE Scottish Catholic Media Office has tonight confirmed that Scottish Catholics will not face an individual levy to attend the open air Papal Mass at Bellahouston Park on September 16.

“Scottish pilgrims travelling to the Papal Mass at Bellahouston Park will not be expected to pay a charge to attend,” a media office spokesman said.  “Instead, parishes will be asked to contribute to the overall cost of the event, including transport costs.”

The media office acknowledged that costs would have to be covered, but not with a ‘ticket’ charge.

“We hope that spreading the costs in this way will ensure that all those who wish to attend can do so regardless of their means. At the same time, parishioners who are able to make individual financial contributions can of course do so.”

The statement was prompted by news that Catholics from England and Wales are to be charged to attend the major events in the Papal itinerary, a suggestion that has been met with shock and concern.

News of the proposal for an individual cover charge of £25 to attend the Mass for the beatification of Cardinal John Hendry Newman in Cofton Park and £10 for the Hyde Park vigil was broken by the Scottish Catholic Observer’s sister newspaper the Catholic Herald.

It is thought the 1000 priests concelebrating in Birmingham will also have to pay, although the 2000 VIPs attending the events will not.

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One Response to “Scots pilgrims go to Papal Mass for free”

  1. Tiggy Says:

    I cannot believe there will be an entrance fee to Mass with The Holy Father in England! Beyond belief!

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