Covering our faces… in shame

POLITICIANS in France yesterday banned the wearing in public of Islamic veils that cover a woman’s face.

A call for similar ban in Britain has come from Tory backbencher Philip Hollobone and, perhaps more tellingly, the UK Independence Party. However, in this country we pride ourselves on not bowing to the pressure of our European neighbours and can only hope that our politicians will not follow the dangerous and discriminatory precedent being set by the French National Assembly.

It has been alleged that religious tolerance, in this case allowing full face and body covering, poses a threat to national security.

Have we learned nothing from the US post 9/11 about the dangers of restricting freedoms, religious or otherwise, in the name of national security? Measures past in haste are regretted at leisure.

If we allow Muslim veils to be banned in our country ultimately we will be the ones left covering our faces… in shame for this religious intolerance.

In Ireland Megan Finnegan argues that Catholics should oppose ban on Muslim veils.

“Islam is not the only religion that, when practiced in its orthodoxy, encourages and sometimes requires extreme modesty of its women. Hello, nun habits?”

Under the headline The kilt, the burkha, hatred and the Express, historians among you can find another distinctly Scottish line of reasoning: “In a country not too far away and not too long ago, a monarch and a Parliament and a people riddled with insecurities and paranoia introduced a ban on a certain and very small section of society wearing its traditional dress…”

Not forgetting Cross Wires’ own recent take on the subject


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