Extremists show true colours over Papal visit to Britain

IT IS becoming increasing clear that objectors to the forthcoming Papal visit to Britain are extremists on the fringes of society.

By inferring conspiracy in his statement that ‘the Queen is only meeting’ the Holy Father and representatives from the Catholic Church ‘on Scottish soil, not on English soil’ Ian Paisley offends not only Her Majesty and Pope Benedict XVI but also Catholics and the entire Scottish nation as a whole.

How refreshing then that senior Protestant clerics have rejected Mr Paisley’s denunciation of the Holy Father’s arrival in Scotland in the autumn.

Presbyterian moderator the Rev Dr Norman Hamilton and Canon Ian Ellis, editor of the Church of Ireland Gazette, said that the former First Minister was wrong to describe Pope Benedict XVI’s state visit as a ‘mistake,’ according to the Belfast Newsletter.

Mr Hamilton said that he would  ‘accept Her Majesty’s judgment in this, rather than Dr Paisley’s,’ referring to the Queen and Pope’s decision to meet, and the selection of Edinburgh and not London for that meeting.

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