Latest news: Faith is not foolish, says Holy Father; Pope arrives in Scotland in 84 days; oldest apostle images found

Pope Benedict XVI says it is not foolish to have Faith in God

The ‘Oldest’ images of Christ’s apostles, including Andrew, have been found in Rome. A 4th-century painting known as the College of the Apostles, can be seen outside the burial chamber of a Roman noble woman in the Catacombs of St Thecla. Paintings inside the chamber of Peter, Paul, Andrew and John are believed to be the oldest in existence.

84 days to go until Pope Benedict XVI arrives in Scotland to begin his visit to the UK and the schools event in England is taking shape

Christian Aid response to UK Budget

Vietnam and Vatican work toward improving diplomatic relations, video link

St Amand’s Primary School, East Hendred, has spent a year searching for a new headteacher and is now being forced to look at non-religious candidates

Catholic church believes Slovak Parliament will support Vatican treaties that oblige the country to codify certain principles, such as a doctor’s right to refuse to perform abortions

Catholic church in Kerala against draft bill legalising surrogacy


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