The Blogging Composer

Cross Wires is delighted to note that Scotland’s preeminent composer has started Blogging. James Macmillan is a contributing editor of the Scottish Catholic Observer and noted commentator on Scottish life. His blog can be found at the address below.

Mr MacMillian’s observations on Scottish culture will be of interest to many. There can be few other members of the Scottish artistic elite who can speak with such depth of conviction and insight about the state of our nation.

More immediately he provides a tantalising insight into the writing of the new congregational mass for the Pope’s Visit to the UK in September.

“Writing music for ordinary people – the non-specialist in the pew – is one of the trickiest things I do, but also one of the most enjoyable. Every week I write a new responsorial psalm for the people at St Columba’s in Maryhill, and teach it to them just before Mass begins. But the Ordinary of the Mass has its own special challenges, especially now in the new English translation being introduced for the English speaking Catholic world.”

We look forward to many more such insights.


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