Breaking news: Francis Campbell sees faith as foreign policy, hands across divide in Derry, Rooney and religion (again)

Ambassador Francis Campbell

FRANCIS Campbell, Britain’s ambassador to Vatican, says civil servants should learn more about religion.

He added that said that the Western belief that religion was in decline had been proved wrong and that faith should be an important consideration in foreign policy.

Historic ‘Hands across Divide’ as church leaders and families unit at Bloody Sunday memorial

Catholic priests at the John Paul II Catholic University in Krakow Poland have endorsed conservative opposition leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski ahead of Sunday’s snap presidential election.

Gaza blockade hurts Christians too, says local Catholic priest.

The pastor of the only Catholic church in the Gaza Strip says that the effect of an Israel blockade is to “undermine people’s lives.”

Fr Manawel Mussallam said that the blockade—aimed to weaken the Hamas terrorists who control the Gaza Strip—has had a debilitating effect on innocent civilians, stunting trade and bringing the local economy to a virtual standstill. “There are no differences between Christians and Muslims because we all suffer the same way,” he said.,-Israel’s-occupation-humiliates-the-Palestinian-people-18687.html

Wayne Rooney opens up about religion

A professional fundraiser from Rhode Island has been indicted on charges that he stole more than $360,000 from a private school in Massachusetts run by an order of Roman Catholic nuns.


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