Latest headlines: Former Derry bishop on Bloody Sunday report, Birmingham day for Suffering Church…

NEARLY 40 years after 14 Catholic civil rights marchers were killed by British soldiers in Derry, Northern Ireland, the UK’s Saville Report on Bloody Sunday exonerated the marchers.

Bishop Emeritus Edward Daly of Derry has spoken of the relief and joy felt by the vindication offered to the Bloody Sunday victims and witnesses by the Saville Report.

Lord Saville’s report into the Bloody Sunday killings raises the possibility of criminal prosecutions for offences ranging from perjury to murder.

Bloody Sunday paratroopers defend commanding officer ‘singled out for criticism’ in long-awaited Saville Report.–Saville-Inquiry-Soldiers-served-Ulster-died-Afghanistan.html?ito=feeds-newsxml#ixzz0r1D5JOdz

Fr Samir Khalil Samir SJ

Day for the Suffering Church: Fr Samir Khalil Samir, SJ, will be the keynote speaker at Aid to the Church in Need event at the Birmingham Oratory Event.

Vatican foreign minister in Cuba amid high hope.

Milan bids farewell to native son, Bishop Luigi Padovese, slain in Turkey.

Bishop says he was pressured into resignation.

Vatican Observatory iPhone App to Supply Programming for Sirius/XM Radio and Christian Broadcasting Network TV.

ACN Compostela pilgrimage finishes with a surprise when pilgrims to o the Tomb of Saint James were granted last-minute special access to the relics of the saint.


One Response to “Latest headlines: Former Derry bishop on Bloody Sunday report, Birmingham day for Suffering Church…”

  1. smilingcynic Says:

    General Sir Mike Jackson, the erstwhile head of the British army, was the ground commander on that faithful day we remember as Bloody Sunday.
    How did this man get to the top of the army, why is there no information in the press about his involvement. Did his silence, convienent loss of memory or involement in a cover up get him to the top. WE MUST KNOW. The Saville report CANnot be the end. It should be the end of the beginning!!!!!!!!!

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