No doubts over Bellahouston Mass, plenty of Scots will get to see Pope

THE Bishops’ Conference of Scotland today quashed rumours that the Papal Mass at Bellahouston Park was in jeopardy by releasing a statement confirming the event.

“The Catholic Church welcomes the confirmation given by Glasgow City Council that Bellahouston Park will be available and suitable for the visit of Pope Benedict,” according to a statement from the Scottish Bishops today.

Speculation over the cost of the Pope’s arrival in the UK, who will foot the bill for the state and pastoral visit and venue suitability have been fueled by unofficial reports surrounding the Papal visit.

The bishops have said that approximately half of Scotland’s parishioners will be able to attend the Papal Mass at Bellahouston on September 16. They also flagged up that those unable to attend the Glasgow Mass would have a wonderful opportunity to see the Holy Father at events planned in Edinburgh earlier in the day.

It is anticipated that over a quarter of a million people will be able to join in the celebrations during Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Scotland.

For more see this week’s Scottish Catholic Observer, out on Friday, or visit the SCO website on June 11.


2 Responses to “No doubts over Bellahouston Mass, plenty of Scots will get to see Pope”

  1. Robert Hidalgo Says:

    I am so happy for anyone who gets to see religious people. I can only imagine what an humble delight it will be for Scottish Catholics to get to see the Pope. It is always pleasant to see the leaders of movements whether religious, governmental, or local. It is especially a wonderful thing for Scottish Catholics especially to see the Pope. The meeting will be special because the meeting is a chance for Scottish Catholics to reconnect and to connect with the intimate movement of God among the faces that make up the mystical body of Christ on Earth right now. But most of all, I can only imagine the wholesome pride Scottish Catholics will have at the meeting, especialy since it was a Scotsman who explained with definitive explanation the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception. To know that something so powerful, that navigates the heart of the church today, and to see the fellow that is leading that navigation, is just the most beautiful thing I can imagine.

  2. catholicteuchtar Says:

    SMALL PRINT from your front page article this week in amongst the spin

    “100,000 at Bellahouston Mass”. Mmmmm. More like “down by almost a quarter of a million since the last papal visit” ?

    My parish priest has already told a daily catholic mass attendee who decided she could go after all despite her 75 years of age, that “it was too late, no more names”.

    Hope you are right and everyone is happy.

    Somehow, I dont think cheering the Pope on through the streets of Edinburgh will satisfy devoted Catholics.

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