Latest news: Cumbria shootings, Pope and Cyprus, Turin shroud, US

Bishop Campbell

The Bishop of Lancaster  has expressed shock at shootings in West Cumbria:

“I share in the profound sense of shock and loss that so many are feeling at today’s news of the deaths and injuries in West Cumbria,” Bishop Michael Campbell said. “My prayers, and the prayers of the Catholic community of the Diocese of Lancaster, are with the families and friends of the victims. I especially pray for the souls of the departed – may God be merciful to them.  The prayers of all of us, too, are with the injured and the bereaved at this time.”

Germany’s top bishop who was charged on Wednesday with aiding and abetting a known abuser

The Pope in Cyprus: step forward in ecumenical dialogue and the search for peace in the Middle East

Saying goodbye to the shroud: Interview with official From Turin Archdiocese

Vatican official assesses the US and immigration

Pelosi Sims to be a Speaker of the Word

Sisterhood ends where it began for two merging nuns


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