Outrageous reporting on Edinburgh missionary conference

IT IS outrageous and counter productive but it comes as no surprise that, the day before Edinburgh 2010 ecumenical missionary conference opens, the press in Scotland are having a field day looking for scandal and raising concerns over representation, diversity/racism and division.

Years of hard work and preparation by hundreds of people  worldwide have gone into making the event—marking the 100th anniversary of the World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh—a success. In 1910 more than 1000 people gathered in our capital but there was only one black African and 19 Asians representatives taking part. Tomorrow over 350 people representing 30 traditions from 60 countries are poised to take part in four days of prayer, lectures and discussions.

“We will remember, celebrate and be inspired by events of 100 years ago and work together for unity,” Marist Brother Stephen Smyth, General Secretary of ACTS and chairman the Scottish coordinating team (SCoT) of Edinburgh 2010, said.

However, the day before the Witnessing to Christ Today-themed conference begins an apparent personnel issue is grabbing the headlines, overshadowing the great opportunity ahead.

South African Methodist minister Dr Daryl Balia, who has been involved in planning the event, now says he had been banned from attending the conference and has made allegations of ‘bullying and intimidation’.

He also said the World Alliance of Reformed Churches had complained about the ‘overbearing Scottish influence’ on the event.

The Rev Andrew Anderson, chairman of the organising committee, said: “The 1910 conference was largely western, Protestant and male. This conference, we hope, will be very different. We hope the whole Christian family is being represented.”

It is very telling to see how differently the conference is being perceived at home and abroad, as these links show:




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