Breaking news: nuclear weapons, Cyprus, Haiti, Vatican and more

Pax Christi calls coalition government to take moral lead in ending nuclear arms race

Just 13 months after he visited the Holy Land, Pope Benedict XVI will give Christians in the Middle East his full attention again as he visits Cyprus June 4-6.

Much remains to be done in Haiti, says Catholic Relief Services head

Salt Lake City Bishop John Wester, who chairs the committee on migration for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, says he doubts that President Obama’s  plan to send as many as 1,200 National Guard troops to the Mexican border will accomplish much ‘in and of itself’

Forty women send unprecedented letter to pontiff saying priests need to ‘experience feelings, love and be loved’

As Year for Priests nears close, pope says priests must be shepherds

Los Angeles officially welcomed its next Roman Catholic archbishop, Jose Gomez, on  Wednesday with a celebratory Mass that included a bit of just about everything: tears, drama, majesty, song, hats, incense, a cast of thousands, prayer and even a little slapstick humor.,0,6798241.story

Two senior Catholic Church officials in Canada did something remarkable this week…They proposed a way to re-frame the discussion about abortion and it would be to the benefit of many to pay attention to what they had to say before dismissing them because they wear clerical garb.

UK to publish Bloody Sunday report on June 15

Radio host rapped over interview


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