Setting the record straight on Susan Boyle and Padre Pio

MARIA Dorrian, Scottish delegate for the sanctuary of Saint Pio, spoke with Cross Wires this morning, greatly concerned about inaccurate reporting in the Scottish press over the weekend on Susan Boyle, Padre Pio and the Vatican—reports that have now gone round the world. Here  Ms Dorrian, who was present when Fr Gian Maria Di Giorgio spoke to Ms Boyle, sets the record straight:

“I welcome the opportunity to make a comment [on reports of Susan Boyle’s invitation to sing at the tomb of Padre Pio] since the Sunday Express did not afford me that courtesy [before it ran a report on May 23].

“I do not know the Sunday Express reporter Ben Borland, nor has he had the courtesy to contact me for comment. If he had, my response would have been ‘no comment’. Nor have I been in contact with anyone else from the Sunday Express newspaper.

“I was incensed this morning to open that newspaper to see that I have been quoted as if he had spoken with me!

“On examination, this Sunday Express article by Ben Borland has indeed been ‘pinched’ from the front page of the Scottish Catholic Observer. The Sunday Express is obviously having a slow news week and feels the need to resurrect and embellish a now old story!

“The Scottish Catholic Observer correctly states that the Friar from San Giovanni Rotondo extended—in the presence of the small group that accompanied me—an invitation to Susan, to visit and sing at Padre Pio’s tomb. My understanding of this— and my hope—is that if this occurred, it would take the form of a private visit. I would most definitely go out of my way to ensure and safeguard Susan’s privacy.  I would hardly call singing in a crypt holding 500 people a ‘concert’, particularly when a private visit would occur when the crypt is closed to the public.

“As far as I am aware, there has been no ‘official’ invitation for anything, and I would also point out that Ben Borland is incorrect in assuming that the Friar mentioned has anything to do with the Vatican. The Vatican does not extend invitations on behalf of the Capuchin Order, and vice versa.

“What a pity the press cannot leave this lovely lady in peace. I too, do not need the hassle in my life that this article is causing.

“As far as Susan singing for the Pope is concerned, may I respectfully suggest that we all await an official announcement from the Offices of Cardinal O’Brien and not succumb to the constant and wearying speculation of the Press, or of anyone else who has tried to extricate information from Susan herself. Let us afford her that respect and privacy. Please.”


5 Responses to “Setting the record straight on Susan Boyle and Padre Pio”

  1. Janice Says:

    What a shame that this lovely lady has to be bothered this way. Everytime I put on the song that she sang, I receive so much peace, I just wish that Susan will also receive this peace. With hope that the reporter who caused these problems, will be give, at least, a time to hang out in the shade, with no pay. Maybe too a course in ethics after that.
    It is up to the Editor to make sure copy is correct. AND the public to stop buying papers, etc. that give out incorrect information

  2. MARY Says:


  3. Judith Johnson Says:

    yes, how sad that the press hounds people, refuses to get its story straight and is so obsessed with its self image and agenda to promote evil, that it will go to any length to see a good person brought down!
    May God have mercy on their souls!

  4. Maureen Coskun Says:

    Ms. Dorrian

    Hurray i am happy you have the strength to stand tall for TRUTH
    Jesus is the TRUTH
    I am happy that you have and are standing by this wonderful womans side
    I am hopeful that what ever the outcome, what ever her decision, what ever
    is posed before her she will be blessed and graced a thousand times over.
    For she is such a warm, life filled, genuine person, who will do alot of good in this world
    Maureen C.

  5. Top Posts — Says:

    […] Setting the record straight on Susan Boyle and Padre Pio MARIA Dorrian, Scottish delegate for the sanctuary of Saint Pio, spoke with Cross Wires this morning, greatly […] […]

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