What Glee for Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle with the special Rosary given to her by US and Scottish fans Pic: Paul McSherry

NEWS that Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle has been approached to appear in the Christmas edition of the hit US high school musical-comedy series Glee makes for a happy Friday.

The Britain’s Got Talent star is being considered for a role as a dinner lady in season two’s Christmas episode.

Talking about the Lothian Catholic’s potential role, Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy said: “I have two words for you: Lunch. Lady.”

“I think Kurt [played by Chris Colfer] would just die to give her a Christmas make-over. I don’t even know if she’s interested, but it’s been pitched,” he added.

Ms Boyle, 49, is on the same record label, Columbia, as the Glee cast.

Cross Wires has to add that the sheer joy of being in Ms Boyle’s company is infectious and the Scottish lady has a wicked sense of humour that would be a perfect fit for the Glee frothy with hidden depths formula.

In spite of some controversy over its morality and depiction of Christians, Fox’s Glee was one the top honorees of the 17th annual Catholics in Media Associates awards in the US in February this year.

“The show demonstrates how the arts integrate life and learning in a joyful way, tinged with humor and sometimes pathos, as kids and teachers try to figure out the best choices to make in life,” Brian Oppenheimer, Catholics in Media Associates member and screenwriter, said.

Definitely one to watch. Book your seat on the sofa for Christmas now.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1280096/Susan-Boyle-serve-treat-fans-dinner-lady-Glee.html?ito=feeds-newsxml#ixzz0oYLYkFQO


One Response to “What Glee for Susan Boyle”

  1. ZaSu Says:

    HUGE Susan Boyle supporter here —
    She is a very multi-talented woman and has a delightful,
    youthful sense of humor. If she does accept the invitation to
    appear on Glee, it would be great fun to see her moonwalk —
    she is cute as a button and moves when you least think she could
    or would!

    Notice it is GLEE coming TO Susan —

    She’s hugely popular right now, especially ‘on the Continent.’
    She has just received the second invitation in a month to sing for
    the Vatican this year. Her Leadership in spiritual circles is expected to
    expand and may neutralize some of her more casual appearances such as
    GLEE. No matter as she will have plenty of fan exposure, especially through her fan forum online.

    OH, also she will release TWO cd albums this year. Amazon.uk is taking PREORDERS for the first one: No title, no cover, no playlist. But it is selling like hotcakes out there BECAUSE IT IS SuBo !!! It is widely believed that this second cd will outsell her first, I DREAMED A DREAM, which has sold over 8.5million copies in just six months. Yes, she has become ‘Who She Was Born To Be” (one of her songs on IDAD cd.)

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