Morning headlines: Papal visit collection and parable of widow’s mite

CATHOLICS  throughout the country will be asked to donate to a second collection this Sunday to help support Pope Benedict XVI’s visit, and, in spite of cynics’ suggestions, every penny collected is a step closer to the estimated £7 million Church bill. Critics would be wise to remember the parable of the widow’s mite.

Special Collection for the Papal Visit on May 23

Who should pay for the Pope’s visit?

The Kirk and Scottish Catholic Church are enjoying improved relations, which members of the General Assembly consider to be the best in 20 years

The Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales have joined the protest against plans to advertise abortion services on television

Pope Praises UAE Contribution to Freedom of Worship in Arab Nation

Catholic funeral said for groundbreaking singer-actress Lena Horne

Two icons covered in plaster on towers of the Moscow Kremlin are being restored

Cardinal Ivan Dias, the prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, highlights the need for 3D ministry: doctrine, discipline, devotion


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