Election victory for Papal visit

CROSS WIRES is delighted that the East Renfrewshire Labour MP Jim Murphy comfortably held his seat for one reason in particular.

Working as a cabinet minister he has toiled to help bring about Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Britain. During the election campaign some pundits predicted he would lose his seat in what has been traditionally a Conservative heartland.

The prospect of Mr Murphy not being in office on September 16 was an uncomfortable one which would have left his role in the Papal visit undefined. Whether a government minister or not when the UK votes are counted and the government is named, surely now Mr Murphy’s Papal visit  place is assured.

Given the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s recent memo howler, it is comforting to think that someone with respect for the Church could still help guide the planning on the state’s side of events.

“The outcome of today’s election isn’t yet fully known,” Mr Murphy said at the count in Barrhead. “We have got to get back to work… That means political parties working together like never before.”


4 Responses to “Election victory for Papal visit”

  1. catholicteuchtar Says:

    “Catholic Vote Returns to Labour” now this. thats poor show from a national catholic newspaper.

  2. catholicteuchtar Says:

    And yes I’m biased. But even so.

  3. scobserver Says:

    From the SCO editor: A high percentage of voters the Glasgow East constituency are Catholic, according to the last census. Labour lost the seat to the SNP at the last by-election, the swing attributed in part to Catholic voters choosing the Christian SNP candidate. At the recent General Election the seat was regained by Labour. So yes, in Glasgow East, the Catholic vote did indeed return to Labour.

  4. catholicteuchtar Says:

    yes I know. That part wasnt really disputed. The SNP benefited from the catholic vote at the by-election. I was highlighting that in the context of also saying you’re delighted to see a certain Labour MP elected, at the expense of his opponents lets remember, is was all a bit much for us poor nats. 🙂

    But the “Now this” part of my post was my main point, that you were welcoming the election of Jim Murphy. An MP whose party is anti catholic in its legislation. Just ask our bishops. He has a voting record on Christian issues which is dubious to say the least. But hey, thats ok. He met and had his photo taken with the Pope a couple of times. Yes he was involved in organising the visit, so was Gordon Brown a Scottish MP. So were many others.

    “we are delighted….for one reason in particular..”? Not just that reason then?

    Not good enough from a Catholic Newspaper. Just be more careful not to let your slip show in future. 🙂

    God bless, keep up the good work. Congrats on your 125 years. Im not cancelling my sub just yet. 🙂

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