Escape the election here

AS BRITAIN focuses today on electing the next government, Cross Wires thought to offer a little relief. You would be forgiven for thinking nothing else is going on in the world, if today’s press is anything to go by. Here is an update.

Pope Benedict XVI has urged countries at the New York nuclear non-proliferation conference to work together to reach an agreement on disarmament in light of US-Iran tensions.

“I urge all the participants at the New York meeting to go beyond history’s divides and to patiently weave the political and economic web of peace,” the Holy Father said during his weekly general audience at the Vatican yesterday.

To see the video, visit:

In other news, the Vatican says that ultra-traditionalist Catholics will have to make concessions if an accord is to be reached.

The Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX cannot conduct the doctrinal discussions on their terms, but only on those of the Vatican, according to Cardinal Walter Kasper.

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Members of the Pontifical Academy for Social Sciences have met to discuss the global financial crisis

Scottish television blogger David Coyle is outspoken in his opinion on ‘real organisational dilemma facing the Catholic Church.’ Credit where credit is due, unlike many commentators he appears to have a grasp of the Church workings and Catholic life but Cross Wires is perturbed by his unsubstantiated and ill-informed comment on the pending Papal visit stating ‘if you ask many practising Catholics, they aren’t in a hurry to attend Mass said by this man.’ Pony up the ‘survey says’ please.

From the ridiculous to, well, the ridiculous, one of Poland’s most famous pop stars has seen fit to take a pot shot at the Bible. Dorota Rabczewska, better known as Doda, has been charged in Warsaw with insulting religious feeling.

“It is clear that Doda thinks that the Bible was written by drunkards and junkies,” Ryszard Nowak, chairman of the Committee for the Defence Against Sects, said.

Setting aside the argument that if this comment had been made about the Qur’an there would be rioting in the streets, let’s simply say Dodo not Doda—because this kind of blatant sensationalist attention seeking is so cliqued it must surely be extinct. And why has it taken a year since her comments were made in a television interview for the wheels of justice to grind?


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