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AS OVER 40 million Britons go to the polls in the general election Vatican Radio asked Lord David Alton, Catholic politician and life-long human rights activist, Has Britain Discarded God?

He replied: “Parties that would have allowed conscience to determine your views on subjects such as abortion, euthanasia, embryo experimentation, the right of churches to run schools or adoption agencies, all these have now become subjected, by at least two of our parties in Britain to party policy, and the dilemma that then causes Catholics about how they can reasonably engage in political and public life.”

To read more or listen to the interview in full visit http://www.oecumene.radiovaticana.org/en1/Articolo.asp?c=378021

The election winner must defend the common good, according to Fr Michael Router in The Anglo Celt today.

“The lack of strong leadership based on the Christian values, values that have formed the bedrock of our civilisation, has left many countries in the western hemisphere on a path to nowhere. The Christian churches, led by the Catholic Church, still provide a reasonable, and almost solitary, moral voice in social debates,” he said. “In the present election campaign in Britain the bishops of England and Wales have defended the principal of the common good as a vital element in sound legislation and policy and the Catholic bishops of Scotland have made a strong call to the faithful to use their vote and to make their vote count.”

To read more visit.


At grassroots level, a parish priest has defended himself against allegations that he misconstrued the Liberal Democrat policy on faith schools during his Sunday sermon.

Fr Stephen Geddes, of St Augustine’s Roman Catholic Church in Weymouth, said he had not tried to influence parishioners to support one party over another.

“I just want people to use their vote and make an informed choice,” he said.

The story in full:



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