General Election going down to the wire

A FRIEND of the Scottish Catholic Observer offered some sage advice today. “Remember the words of the Desiderata: ‘Go quietly amid the noise and haste,’” he said.

These are words to remember, especially if, like the SCO team, you face a busy week after the bank holiday Monday and the thought of voting in Thursday’s General Election is just one more item on your never ending ‘to do’ list.

Although by all accounts all three of the major party leaders left voters shaken but possibly not stirred yesterday after the lively Citizens UK event at a Westminster church—supported by religious groups and focusing on pressing social problems—hope remains.

To build on Desiderata’s ‘this too will pass’ sentiment, look beyond the party political spin-doctors that would have us believe that the battle is over before the votes have been cast or counted. Avoid the grand standing and the rhetoric, the inevitable dirty tricks and low blows that are still to come as this closely fought election goes down to the wire.

If you are planning, as the bishops of Scotland have advised, to make your Faith count politically then have the courage of your convictions to see it through and make your mark on Thursday, not just on your ballot paper but on the political landscape for years to come. Let neither apathy nor media propaganda cloud your judgement on the issues that matter to you.


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