Post abortion crisis helpline launched on historic day

A NATIONAL service to help those suffering from post abortion trauma was launched in Glasgow today, 42 years to the day after the Abortion Act came into affect in Britain.

Abortion Recovery Care and Helpline (ARCH) was unveiled to the public at the Trade Halls in Glasgow a week before the General Election. The free and confidential service aims to provide care and counselling to women, and men, who are struggling with the aftermath of abortion.

The ARCH service will consolidate and build on existing work in the sector. Organisers now hope to offer support to more people as post abortion trauma (PAT) becomes an increasingly recognised problem in the UK.

At the launch—which was attended by a broad spectrum of supporters including leading pro-life figures and local school children— Margaret Cuthill, a PAT counsellor working with ARCH who has had an abortion experience herself, gave a powerful and moving account of why the service is required.

“For every woman who has an abortion it is believed that 40 to 50 people in her life are affected by the damage she suffers,” Ms Cuthill said.

“There is hope and the healing process we offer helps to close that wound and takes those affected to a place where they do have hope for the future.”

To contact ARCH call 0845 603 8501 between the hours of 7pm and 10pm seven evenings a week. Or visit


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