Pious in the Sky debate?

WHAT is troubling about last night’s Sky leaders’ debate is the ‘difficult’ Catholic question halfway through proceedings.

When asked about Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Britain, beginning in Scotland on September 16, all three leaders criticised the Catholic Church’s handling of child abuse cases while trying not to offend millions of Catholic voters.

Cross Wires has to single out Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg in particular for his weak answer. Stating he was ‘not a man of faith’, he said that his wife is a Catholic and his children are brought up in the religion before adding that Catholics have ‘immense feelings of anguish’ about the church’s lack of openness.

What is most troubling, however, is that while clerical abuse is a serious problem requiring action within the Church it shouldn’t be, and isn’t, the top Catholic pre-election concern overshadowing all others. Perhaps the leaders would like to try pro-life issues, global poverty, Catholic education, attacks on family life, Christian vales or Trident on for size?

For more information on and links to the pressing issues that Catholic organisations are urging politicians to address in this General Election campaign visit http://www.indcatholicnews.com/news.php?viewStory=16020


2 Responses to “Pious in the Sky debate?”

  1. berenike Says:

    But if the English and Welsh bishops are not sufficiently concerned about Catholic education, pro-life issues or attacks on family life and Christian values to appoint a vice-director for their education service who has acted in accordance with the teaching of the faith on those issues, why should the politicos think them important?

    The E&W Catholic Education Service appointed Greg Pope as deputy director earlier this month “after a rigorous selection process and was the unanimous choice of the final interview panel, which was chaired by Bishop Malcolm McMahon, Chairman of CESEW.”

    John Smeaton has a handy summary of Mr Pope’s voting record on various “Catholic-interest” bills: ,a href=”http://spuc-director.blogspot.com/2010/04/catholic-education-service-appoints.html”>here.

    I’m turning into the resident Disgusted of Kirkudbright of this blog! Help!

  2. berenike Says:

    (Sorry about the bad code!)

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