Cardinal says Cuba is in crisis

CUBA’S most senior Catholic clergyman has urged the nation’s government to reconcile with the US in a bid to prevent the worst crisis that has befallen the communist island in recent times from deepening.

Cardinal Jaime Ortega said Cuba is reeling from the effects of three devastating hurricanes in 2008 and the global economic downturn, which has cut income from tourism.

“Our country is in a very difficult situation,” he said. “Certainly the most difficult we have lived in this 21st Century.”

The cardinal told Palabra Nueva (New Word), the church’s monthly magazine published this week, that Cubans are suffering and, while they may differ on which direction to take the nation, one thing should be evident to President Raul Castro: his people are calling for change.

The cardinal said Cubans said that postponing reforms is sure to produce ‘impatience and uneasiness’ among people suffering a great deal of hardship. He suggested that improving of relations with the US was one way out of the dark days.,archbishop-urges-reforms-in-cuba-dialogue-with-us.html


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