St Aloysius lecture cancelled due to air travel disruption

Professor Thomas Groome

AS thousands of stranded holiday makers and business travellers face a sixth day of air travel disruptions due to the erupting Icelandic volcano, the Catholic community in Scotland will have to deal with another volcano-related cancellation.

St Aloysius College in Glasgow has been forced to cancel its highly anticipated day conference and lecture tomorrow featuring Professor Thomas Groome.

Boston College Professor Groome had been expected to deliver his What Keeps Us Catholic talk at the college at 7.30pm tomorrow but he has been unavoidably delayed in light of the current travel disruptions.

It is unknown at this time whether the events will be rescheduled.

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4 Responses to “St Aloysius lecture cancelled due to air travel disruption”

  1. berenike Says:

    Hmmm. Is this the Professor Groome who claims there is no theological basis for ordaining women, who writes in one of his books about how his methods of religious education led a group of elderly lay people from believing what the magisterium teaches on this subject to agreeing with his (Groome’s) opinions? And whose system is (explicitly) based in crucial parts on the application of a hermeneutic of suspicion (it’s not even trendy anymore, for goodness’ sake, and that’s about all it ever had going for it) to revelation?

    I think we should be grateful to the Icelandic volcano. Was there no-one they could have invited who just gets on with their job, as opposed to imposing their own ideas in place of the boring old teaching of the Church? How about Bishop Rey of Frejus-Toulon and a lecture on “Variety and Unity in the Local Church”?

  2. berenike Says:

    woops, I meant “no theological basis for NOT ordaining women”.

  3. Mark M Says:

    I, too, am grateful to the volcano. How the Archdiocese supports Groome is beyond me.

  4. Bruno Says:

    Once you have Tenure, you have the ultimate in Job Security. Unless the ARchbishop of Boston has the right to fire anyone on staff at Boston College, i’m afraid academic freedom trumps him.

    I am glad that the lecture ws cancelled, though. Surely there is a glaswegian catholic who is faithful to the maguisterium who could deliver the lecture instead

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