Scottish Catholic Observer turns 125

IT IS with great joy that the Scottish Catholic Observer celebrates its 125th anniversary today, marking a tremendous milestone for everyone involved in the newspaper and for those who have gone before us.

In this Papal visit year, and in these challenging times, the need for the independent Catholic press in our country has never been greater. Thankfully, nor has the opportunity to make our voice heard.

The face of media is changing. The days of hot metal is gone. In 1885 it would have taken time for news of the Statue of Liberty’s arrival in New York to reach us. This year we will be able to watch Pope Benedict XVI live as he arrives in Edinburgh and then read reports of what he says instantly. Broadcasting, computers, desk-top publishing, digital cameras, the internet, social networking and blogging have changed the way we all communicate, and increased the speed at which we can do so. The Scottish Catholic Observer is embracing new technology but we have not forgotten our roots, our mission or what we believe in.

Sometimes we are told what we do is a thankless task, that we cannot please all of the people, all of the time. Although the challenge can seem great, we will keep on working to serve the needs of Catholics in Scotland by reporting on the events and issues of importance to our vibrant and richly diverse community.

Why do we do it? On the one hand, preserving the Catholic voice in the sea of secularism in our media-driven culture is of great importance. Equally importantly, we do this for the school pupil on a sponsored walk for SCIAF, for the parish collecting clothes for SIR and Mary’s Meals, for the persecuted Catholics helped by ACN, for the missionary filing a report when power and e-mail connections allow, for all the regular columnists and contributors, for the letter writers, for the parish priests who have long supported the SCO and for those who regularly and faithfully get a copy of the newspaper in parishes throughout the country.

It is for you that we produce the newspaper every week, as we have for the last 125 years and, God willing, will do for the next 125. This is your national Scottish Catholic newspaper, established on April 18 1885 and still going strong today.

The SCO aims to keep you informed on all issues of interest and concern to the Catholic community and in this General Election and Papal visit year we will not falter.
We thank you all for your current and continued support.


One Response to “Scottish Catholic Observer turns 125”

  1. Catholic Teuchtar Says:

    oh yeh and happy Birthday and pleased to see the paper coming on so nicely.

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