Shroud of mystery

The Shroud of Turin

THE Shroud of Turin has come back into the spotlight recently as it goes on public display this weekend.

The relic, which many believe to be the burial cloth of Jesus, is normally kept in a secret room at the Cathedral of Turin but will be on public display in Italy until May 23.

Cross Wires at the Scottish Catholic Observer has come across reports this week that have had us checking if it wasn’t April Fools’ Day all over again.

According to a Church expert, Adolf Hitler may have wanted to steal the shroud.

It was taken from Turin Cathedral and hidden in an Italian Benedictine abbey during the Second World War because of fears that the Nazis wanted to take possession of it.

Make up you own mind and

For those who cannot get to Turin to see the shroud, an exhibition about the Shroud of Turin, researched and developed by a British artist Pam Moon, will be on display in St Patrick’s Chapel in Westminster Cathedral, London, from April 11 to 19.


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