‘Do not fall for’ Cameron’s abortion rhetoric

THE Society for the Protection of Unborn Children had advised pro-life advocates to scratch beneath the surface of Conservative leader David Cameron’s comments in this week’s Catholic Herald where he states that he supports a modest reduction in the abortion upper time limit.

“The issue of the upper time limit for social abortions is at best a  dangerous distraction,” John Smeaton, SPUC director, said. “At worst, it will entrench discrimination against  disabled children and set the scene for an expansion of abortion.

“By ‘abortion limit’, Mr Cameron only means the 24-week limit for abortions done on social grounds. As he made clear in August 2008, he wants abortion up to birth on disabled children to remain available.

“Mr Cameron and Andrew Lansley, the Conservative party health spokesman, have made clear that they support wider access to abortion in various ways. If there is a free vote by MPs, as promised by Mr Cameron, it will provide the pro-abortion lobby with an opportunity to increase the numbers of abortions, as happened under the Conservative administration under Margaret Thatcher.”

Mr Smeaton went on to say that Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg ‘share David Cameron’s  pro-abortion record and position.’




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