Violence begets violence in Nigeria?

Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama

NEWS this week of violent uprisings against Christians in Nigeria have shocked and horrified Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama of Jos, who believes the acts may have been motivated by revenge.

Archbishop Kaigama has spoken about the killings in the villages of Dogon Nahawa, Ratsat and Zot Foron this weekend that left between 100-150 people dead. He told the charity Aid to the Church in Need: “On [Sunday March 7] at 2am in the morning a group of people—we don’t know their identity—surrounded the village, and attacked it.
“They even killed women and children.”
He added: “Usually in conflict you protect children—but they had no pity even on the little ones.”

The archbishop has released a report suggesting recent attacks in his diocese may have been reprisals for violence earlier this year.
According to his report, the attacks on villages in Plateau State appear to be reprisals for January’s riots in Jos in which more than 250 people lost their lives. The archbishop wrote that that many people believe the attackers in the most recent incident were Fulani Muslims from neighbouring Bauchi State.

The report, which was sent to charities supporting projects in Nigeria, said: “The villagers of the Berom ethnic group (mainly Christians) alleged that their attackers were Fulani Muslim herdsmen who swooped on them while they slept.”

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