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FALLING squarely into the category of ‘whatever will they think of next’ a new price comparison website has just been launch by non-profit Catholic Values Ltd under the moniker

Clever marketing ploy or real plan?

Director Agostino Di Falco says the company will be donating all its income (less any administration costs) to pro-life charities.

As commission levels generated by the price comparison websites having grown to an annual figure of over £450 million, if this new site is genuine and succeeds in getting a slice of this lucrative market then the 90 per cent its commission it has promised to pro-life causes could be considerable.

The question that remains is just which pro-life causes does Mr Di Falco, and is this the same Mr Di Falco who is director of insight and planning at Viacom Brand Solutions at and MTV Networks, plan on supporting? And would the website do more good and be more representative of the Catholic community if it were to support a broad range of Catholic charities and the work they do as opposed to focusing entirely on unnamed pro-life organisations?


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