Union with the Catholic Church is the goal of ecumenism

Cardinal William Levada PHOTO: CNS

POPE Benedict XVI prayed for the aid of Mary, the Mother of God, yesterday to bring all Christians back to the Lord and to support us in ‘our decision to renounce evil and accept with faith the will of God in our lives.’

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that Cardinal William Levada, prefect the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has said that ‘union with the Catholic Church is the goal of ecumenism (at least), we phrase it that way.’

“Visible union with the Catholic Church does not mean absorption to the greater whole, as a teaspoon of sugar would be lost in a gallon of coffee,” he said during a visit to Canada this weekend.

He instead compared union to an orchestra with ‘all instruments tuned to the piano’ and ‘all playing same notes of doctrinal clarity’ so that ‘the beautiful and inviting sound of the world of God’ can be heard.

Pope Benedict’s invitation to traditional Anglicans to convert en masse to Catholicism is gathering steam. Last week the Anglican Church in America decided to enter the Catholic Church as a block, bringing in thousands of converts along with their own bishops, buildings and even a cathedral.

Many traditional Anglicans, particularly in Britain, who cannot agree with recent moves to ordain female bishops, have also welcomed the Pope’s invitation.

In this week’s Scottish Catholic Observer Canon Len Black of the Scottish Episcopal Church said the Pope’s offer deserved further consideration.


During a Papal visit to Britain in September, the Holy Father will to attend the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman, an Anglican cleric who converted to the Catholic Faith.


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