The big news this Ash Wednesday

The big news this Ash Wednesday is that Catholics in Scotland have the opportunity to get off to a cracking start in preparing for Easter.

James MacMillan

Lentfest in Glasgow Archdiocese begins with a world premiere tonight. Strathclyde University Mass for Ash Wednesday is being held at 7pm at St Columba’s Church in the West End of the city. During the Mass, to be celebrated by Fr Brendan Slevin, James MacMillan’s Qui Meditabitur motet will have its world premiere. Other highlights in the Lentfest programme include festival director Stephen Callaghan’s play The Curé d’Ars: A Priest Forever.

Those observing Lent may also take note of the launch today of SCIAF’s 40 day challenge, an innovative spin on how what we give up for Lent can directly translate into a gain for those living in poverty. The celebrity supported drive is part of the Wee Box, Big Change 2010 campaign and everyone can get involved.

Miss Scotland Katharine Brown


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