The modern CND-Catholics for nuclear disarmament

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PEOPLE from many faiths and walks of life have listened to their consciences and opposed nuclear weapons. Catholics have been among the most vocal of these, however, especially in recent months.

This week Archbishop Edwin O’Brien of Baltimore in the US spoke out at the Global Zero Summit in Paris. He said humanity must ‘build a future free of the nuclear threat,’ highlighting the Second Vatican Council’s condemnation of ‘total war’ and the Council Father’s skepticism of ‘deterrence’ as a way to lasting peace.

In Scotland Church leaders have joined the Scottish Clergy against Nuclear Armaments’ call for the replacement of the Trident nuclear weapon system to be made a central issue of the forthcoming general election.

The British Government is planning to replace the Vanguard Trident submarines with a new generation of nuclear missile carriers. The weapons would be based in Scotland.

“It’s important for candidates to say whether or not they support nuclear weapons as the majority of Scots do not,” Fr Chris Boles of the Lauriston Jesuit community said.


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