Is there no justice in this world?

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Cardinal Paul Cordes PIC:CNS

POPE BENEDICT XVI has blamed the world’s indifference for the death of hundreds of millions from hunger, thirst or due to a lack of medicine in a timely and topical Lenten message.

“Injustice, the fruit of evil, does not have exclusively external roots. Its origin lies in the human heart, where the seeds are found of a mysterious co-operation with evil,” he said.

The Holy Father’s message, that the justice of God has been manifested through faith in Jesus Christ, has been released in the run up to the beginning on Lent on February 17. It focuses on both human understanding of justice and the justice of God.

Politicians and leading members of the Catholic Church has been embraced the Holy Father’s Lenten message on justice and salvation.

Hans-Gert Pöttering, a former president of the European Parliament, said politics needs the Pope’s message for Lent 2010.

“If we want to preserve freedom and if we want to increase justice, then we have to place the value of fraternity or solidarity at the centre of our political thinking,” Mr Pöttering said.

Cardinal Paul Cordes, president of the Vatican’s council for charitable activity, presented the Pope’s message. The cardinal added that there is a political side to justice, which deals with a fair distribution of goods and wealth, said that the Church has a long history of working for that side of justice.


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