The Pope IS a Catholic

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IS POPE Benedict XVI right to defend religious freedom and protect the sanctity of life and Christian values ahead of his visit to Britain? Is the Pope a Catholic?

Now who would have thought we’d ever need to say that.

The Holy Father is a religious leader, spiritual director to members of the Catholic Church worldwide, and a head of state. To be informed of the political landscape of the countries he intends to visit is a normal part of the Pope’s preparations. To ignore issues of concern to his flock in those countries would undermine the authority and responsibility of the office Benedict XVI holds. As a result he simply wouldn’t be doing his job.

Any suggestion that Pope Benedict is entering into party politics in Britain is offensive and unfounded. And if the Holy Father is seizing the opportunity to take issue with European Union policy and legislation then that is not only his right, it is his duty.

Labour MEP Stephen Hughes take note: you could learn a valuable lesson from your spiritual director’s example.


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