It’s official (almost). Pope Benedict is to visit UK

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IT IS official (almost), he is coming to the UK. Pope Benedict XVI today gave the first public indication that he will be coming to Britain this year. Here at the SCO we just want to take a moment to let the good news sink in.

The Holy Father told the Catholic bishops of England and Wales in an address marking the end of their ad limina pilgrimage to Rome that he would be making his first apostolic visit to Britain.

“On the occasion of my forthcoming apostolic visit to Great Britain, I shall be able to witness that faith for myself and, as successor of Peter, to strengthen and confirm it,” he said.

Eleven members of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland head to Rome on Wednesday and Scottish Catholics eagerly anticipate news that Holy Father’s visit will include our nation.

After driving so much speculation on the Papal visit, it is unforgivable but not unexpected that on a day of such joyous news as this focus has already  turned away from the building excitement to twist the Holy Father’s words in a political attack.

And it didn’t take long for protestors to get in on the act either.


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