Excitement building

Welcome to Cross Wires, the new Scottish Catholic Observer newspaper blog. Cross Wires aims to shine a light on the key issues and breaking news between weekly editions of the SCO so look in regularly for updates. You will find facts, opinion, analysis and plenty of food for thought.

Although recent press reports on the Pope’s visit to Scotland are still officially unconfirmed There is increasingly a “buzz about the place” at the prospect of a papal visit. That excitement shouldn’t be confined to Catholics either. If you look at the other countries that have visited by Pope Benedict during his Pontificate, they are countries like America, Brazil and Australia. Countries that are huge players on the world stage with vast Catholic populations.
The fact that the Pontiff is even considering coming to Scotland is a sign that this country still punches above it’s weight in terms of influence and has much to offer the world.
Further it’s important to remember that Pope Benedict is not just the leader of the Holy Roman Catholic Church. He is also a world class mind, a theologian of rare and profound thought, and a most astute observer of modern society.  If he does come to Scotland it will be fascinating to hear what he has to say.


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