Make sure you have a new voice in Scotland

Welcome to Cross Wires, the new Scottish Catholic Observer newspaper blog. Cross Wires aims to shine a light on the key issues and breaking news between weekly editions of the SCO so look in regularly for updates. You will find facts, opinion, analysis and plenty of food for thought.

IT IS not everyday that a new newspaper title is launched in Scotland. In a sector where shrinkage and closure are rapidly becoming the norm, how refreshing that Caledonian Mercury editor Stewart Kirkpatrick has made the bold and welcome move of launching the first web-only national newspaper today.

Electronic media remains fickle, however, with the Mercury’s launch leaked by an unfortunate and unintentional Twitter bulletin last night. Good job then that former Scotsman online editor Mr Kirkpatrick and company plan a quarterly print version.

In the hope that the online newspaper will go from strength to strength, the SCO offers some food for thought. It may only be day one of the new title but if you enter the word ‘Catholic’ in the Mercury’s search engine there are no hits. In what we hope will be a Papal visit year, perhaps this also is nothing more than a temporary glitch.


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