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Welcome to Cross Wires, the new Scottish Catholic Observer newspaper blog. Cross Wires aims to shine a light on the key issues and breaking news between weekly editions of the SCO so look in regularly for updates. You will find facts, opinion, analysis and plenty of food for thought.

Margo MacDonald has finally unveiled her Assisted Suicide Bill at the Scottish Parliament. Make no mistake, this represents profound assault on the culture of life in this country. You can expect the Scottish Catholic Observer to have a strong report and response in next week’s edition.
It is also no surprise to see the secular press welcoming Ms MacDonald’s proposals with open arms.
Across the board newspapers and TV stations have accepted Ms MacDonald’s framing of the debate by presenting her bill as merely intended to offer ‘choice’ to the seriously ill. This shows Ms MacDonald’s astuteness as a politician. We live in an age where choice is held up as a prime value. Choice for customers, choice for parents, choice for all. Rarely do we hear about the rights and responsibilities we have as members of society. Instead of obsessing over choice, what about the right to life? What about our responsibility to care for the terminally-ill without rushing them off to an early grave?
It is vital that all Catholics oppose Margo MacDonald’s bill.


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