Will justice be done at the EU?

Viviane Reding

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EU JUSTICE commissioner-designate Viviane Reding is waiting, along with the other nominees for the 26 EU commissioners positions, for a confirmation vote that will decide her future.
She has been questioned by MEPs and has a strong support base but faces a hidden hurdle ahead of the vote on next Tuesday–her Catholic Faith.
According to Giorgio Salina, president of the Association of the Europe Foundation, doubts remain simply because she “She is a Catholic!”
Her pedigree is impeccable. Born in Luxembourg, she is currently finishing her term as European Commissioner for information society and media. She also served as commissioner for education and culture under the presidency of Romano Prodi from 1999 to 2004.
During recent questions from the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee Louis Michel, a fomer colleague in the Commission who is now a Belgian liberal MEP, said: “Obviously, I have faith in your abilities, you are quite up to the task.”
In spite of her qualifications, however, it appears her religious beliefs remain an impediment that may prevent her from serving as Commissioner of Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship.
Mr Salina told Zenit that ‘a genuine attack’ is being planned  against her ‘very similar to the one organised against Rocco Buttiglione.’
Mr Buttiglione, an Italian, failed to in the post of commissioner for justice, freedom and security in 2004 because he defended a traditional definition of marriage and took a stance against promoting homosexuality.
The suggestion that Catholic cannot be justice commissioner is offensive and smacks of discrimination. The question remains, will justice be seen to be done?


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